This website is a portfolio of art by, and some history of Luke Nathan Hayes.

A Global & Universal Citizen

Earth is where I am from and I love our planet. However, I also believe in radical human life extension and becoming a Universal Citizen.

I Enjoy Philosophy

All is Mind.

Exploring Climate Change

I believe there is more to climate change than the mainstream world is aware of. I hope I am wrong in my assessment because if I and the Author of “Weatherman’s Guide to the Sun Third Edition” are correct, the results of Solar induced Climate Change will be FAR More Catastrophic than man made Greenhouse Gas Climate Change. I’m talking Biblical & Dreamtime!

Virtual Reality Photos & Video

For more than 1 year I have had a GoProMAX virtual reality camera and I quite enjoy capturing life through it. If you would like to see what I’ve captured or book some time with me and my camera, meet me in Brisbane. I post some of my videos on Luke Hayes 360 YouTube, and Photospheres on Google Streetview or in Facebook.