Experience I Draw From

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Books I Plan to Write

Here are some of the writing projects I have been working on with ChatGPT:

  • Non-Fiction Series: GAJRA Earth: Master Plan Protopia with AGI  
    1 to 2 books/year
    40K to 50K words each
  • Sci-fi Series: Shifting Sands of a Timeless Land (SSTL)
    Near Future fiction on implementing the GAJRA Earth Master Plan  
    1 to 2 books/year
    70K to 110K words
  • Adult Romance Series: Spin off from SSTL
    1 to 2 books/year of short story collections
    80K to 90K words for each book
    Short Stories of 5K to 20K words each
  • Adult Erotica Series: Spin off from SSTL    
    A Series of short story collections
    80K to 90K words
    Short Stories of 5K to 20K words each
  • Young Adult Short Stories: 
    1 per month or 12 per year 
    5K to 20K words each
  • Children’s Books Series     
    16 Books covering all ages/styles
    8 Picture books, 300 to 1K words
    5 early readers, 1K to 3K words
    2 chapter books, 5K to 10K words
    1 middle grade books, 30K words

So the plan is to develop the master plan first because it is my real life goal and it is already planned. Then obviously expand it with podcasting, live streaming, and actual mastermind groups with professional advisors whom I connect with through LinkedIN, other professional networks, local events here in Australia, and international live stream events.

Then I will progress to alternating between short stories for children, young adults, adult romance and adult erotica to work out the background relationships and dialogue. Short stories are going to be rougher drafts and the novels will be done later as they need to be well refined.

Then I can build a map for the cross pollination of ideas and characters to the main sci-fi series the Shifting Sands of a Timeless Land. This process will optimize my time greatly and hopefully lead to start-up investment capital and greater success in building my audience.

Speed Writing Pre-ChatGPT

Writing 1 book per month on average? Is it possible?

  • 70,000 words plus 30,000 words in preparation = 100,000 words
  • 100,000 / 30 words per minute = 3,333.3 minutes, or 55.5 hours
  • If 8 hours per day of productive writing, then roughly 7 days
  • If handwriting at 13 words per minute then 128 hours, or 16 days
  • Speed up typing from 30 to 90 WPM
  • 30 minutes a day on touch typing
  • Best keyboard size and ergonomics
  • Systematize ideation and plotting
  • Utilize voice to text and text to voice
    Average talking speed is 150 wpm, +/- 50 wpm is common range
  • Speed up reading with reading drills
    The average reading speed for an adult is 250 wpm
    The normal reading speed when reading fast is 300 – 400 wpm
    Speed reading apps claim to get people up to 1000 wpm
Guestimate 1,132,000 words published in a year
  • 629 hours at 30 WPM
    • 79 days at 8 hours a day
    • 20 weeks at 4 days a week
    • add 50% for outlining and editing
    • 30 weeks at 4 days a week
      • 35 weeks at 3 hours a day 6 days a week
      • +40% for outlining and editing = 49 weeks
  • 315 hours at 60 WPM
    • 40 days at 8 hours a day
    • 10 weeks at 4 days a week
    • add 75% for outlining and editing
    • 18 weeks at 4 days a week
  • 252 hours at 75 WPM
    • 32 days at 8 hours a day
    • 8 weeks at 4 days a week
    • add 100% for outlining and editing
    • 16 weeks at 4 days a week

I’ve read an article on an author writing 1 Million words in only 1 month, but would never attempt it again. What’s the Maths?

  • 1,000,000 / 30 days = 33,334 words per day on average
  • at 60 WPM = 9.5 hours a day; at 75 WPM = 7.5 hours a day
  • On a roll for a 14 hour day at 60 WPM = 50,400 words a day
  • His maximum daily word count was 73,000 in 16 hours = 76 WPM

I’m not anywhere near that level of crazy or ability but now that ChatGPT and a myriad other generative AI’s have come into being, it is simple to overcome writers block. The key now is to have good taste and refine it.